A senior government lawyer says Transcendental Meditation® (TM) gave him confidence to be himself and live a more fulfilled life. 

Myles Fisher, 42, is a senior lawyer at the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), has been practicing the TM technique for more than 15 years. 

“In my university years and early years in the workforce, I was unhappy with situations with myself, with my family and friends,” he said. 

“And I was looking for a solution and gave Transcendental Meditation® a try. And over the years it has proved the greatest help, the greatest solution.” 

“TM is so easy”

He says Transcendental Meditation® was so easy he wondered if he was practicing it correctly. 

“It was subtle and calming. The experience is very easy, very automatic. I wondered whether I did it correctly,” he said. 

“And by speaking with my TM teacher and through continued practice, I learned that ‘yes, it really is as easy as that’.”

For Myles it was the benefits outside of meditation that really helped him continue the practice for 15 years. 

“I experienced a huge number of benefits including better sleep, calmness, peace, happiness,” he said. 

“I had greater ability to succeed at work with greater harmony, laughter and deeper connection with my family and friends.” 

“My Sleep Improved”

Improved sleep has been the most important benefit Myles experienced from the TM technique. 

“Before I learned to practice TM, my sleep pattern was all over the place, the sleep was uneasy, with unhappy dreams,” he said. 

“But after learning Transcendental Meditation my sleep has been sweet, nourishing, light, and calming.

“My sleep pattern also changed because I realised that if I want to enjoy my life, I had better adopt a better routine, including better sleep hygiene,” he said.  

“I was thinking more clearly and it all naturally fell into place. I wasn’t thinking too much about this or that. When the time came to go to sleep, I would go to bed and sleep. 

“Like this I found that I was living more in line with the natural rhythms of nature.”

Myles also suffered from high anxiety and worried about people’s opinion of him. 

“My Anxiety Diminished”

“I had high anxiety about situations about other people, and what other people thought of me,” he said. 

“But since Transcendental Meditation®, I have been more established in self confidence. 

“The experience of meditating has led my life to all areas of bliss, including anxiety diminishing and being replaced by a new sense of security.”

Myles also started to spontaneously attract better situations and opportunities in his life. 

“I have noticed in work there was a lot of support of nature, and that is really noticeable because so many people respond well to me in the workplace,” he said.

“I feel like I’m radiating calmness and kindness in my workplaces, and people respond well to that.”

“In terms of accomplishments, at work, my career has gone from strength to strength over the years since I learned to meditate,” he said.  

“And today, in my current job, I have a high degree of job satisfaction and excitement about what the future holds.” 

“I have more energy”

Myles’ appreciation for the TM technique and the extra energy he gained from the daily practice led him to volunteer some of his time to help spread the knowledge of TM. 

“I’m the acting board chair and company secretary for the Maharishi School, which is a consciousness-based school in Reservoir, Victoria, and the school is a wonderful institution,” he said. 

“Because everyone has learned to practice TM and people are really enjoying the atmosphere the school has created.”