TM Course Fees

The course fees to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique are aligned to your income, employment, or student situation.

Upon completion of the four-session course, you will be self-sufficient to practice the technique at home and will be eligible to have your technique verified at any TM Centre.

TM Course Fee Structure

CategoryFour Equal Monthly InstalmentsSingle Payment
Standard Adult $387.50$1,550
(Parent/s & dependent children under 18)
Adult – low income
(less than $1,000 per week)
Pensioner, Unemployed, Healthcare Card Holders$192.50$770
Full-Time Tertiary Student
(Under 25 years on Youth Allowance)
School Students
(Age 10-18)
(Under 10 years)
All fees are inclusive of GST

Interest-free payment plans over four (or two) months are available to everyone. Repayments are via direct debit using the E-way payment system.

TM Course Fees are due before receiving the personal instruction in Session One.

The TM Course Fee covers the following:

  • The four sessions of personal instruction and follow-up,
  • The ten-day follow-up meeting, and
  • Our lifetime support program ensures that the benefits of TM continue.
    This is available for the rest of your life at any TM Centre worldwide.

If you are not unsure whether you should learn TM, please click here to remind yourself why so many people recommend TM. Or watch the TM Info Session video below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the TM Course Fees, please discuss them privately with your local TM Teacher. Click on the button below and complete the form, and a TM Teacher will contact you.

The TM Course Fee helps cover the national network of 40 TM Centres/locations operating costs and the national offices that support them.

The organisation responsible for teaching Transcendental Meditation in Australia is Maharishi Foundation Australia Ltd, a registered not-for-profit charity. Maharishi Foundation Australia and our sister non-profit organisation, GMDO Ltd, are the only organisations authorised to teach the Transcendental Meditation technique in Australia.

Helping Those in Need

Part of your course fee helps those in need to learn the TM technique through our collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation Australia. More than 1 million sponsorships globally have enabled at-risk children, veterans, first responders, refugees, domestic violence victims, and the homeless to learn Transcendental Meditation through this partnership. Please visit David Lynch Foundation Australia or David Lynch Foundation.

To review some of the worldwide projects enabled through TM course fees, please visit Maharishi World Development Fund.