Transcendental Meditation
for Anxiety

TM is the most effective meditation for reducing anxiety

The Transcendental Meditation technique significantly reduces anxiety in adults and children by calming the nervous system and providing the experience of profound inner peace. Over time this inner calm, clarity and focus remain with you during the day.

During TM, the whole physiology spontaneously shifts into a more balanced, harmonious style of functioning that is the opposite of the stress response. 

Biochemicals in the bloodstream associated with tension and anxiety – such as cortisol and plasma lactate – are significantly reduced, and the brain functions with greater coherence. 

TM: Twice as Effective in Reducing Anxiety

Trait anxiety is a measure of how anxious a person usually is, as opposed to state anxiety, which refers to how anxious we are at any given moment.  

As a scientifically proven meditation for stress and anxiety, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that the TM technique is far more effective in reducing trait anxiety than techniques involving concentration or contemplation. 

After each period of TM, one feels refreshed and rejuvenated. Worries are less. Mind and emotions are clearer and at ease. Life is more fulfilling.

This meta-analysis of the result of 146 independent studies found that the Transcendental Meditation technique is significantly more effective in reducing trait anxiety than other techniques.