The Origins of Transcendental Meditation

The Origins of Transcendental Meditation

MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI, Founder of Transcendental Meditation

Our story begins in 1958, in the crowded lecture halls of Rameswaram, India. It was here that Maharishi began teaching and lecturing on Transcendental Meditation, bringing the ancient knowledge of the Vedic tradition of India out of its traditional shroud of mystery.

Maharishi soon traveled throughout India, North America, and Europe, bringing Transcendental Meditation to rapidly expanding audiences. Maharishi visited Australia in 1962 and in the years to follow, Transcendental Meditation would grow into one of the world’s most influential personal development and consciousness-raising practices, spurred on by an explosion of scientific and medical research on its benefits.

Now, more than sixty years after our humble beginning, Transcendental Meditation is taught in over 100 countries.

In Australia and across the globe, we stay true to Our Mission in everything we do: to unlock the potential of human development and to create a happier world by giving everyone the opportunity to experience pure consciousness through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.