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Once you have completed the TM Course, you’ll be self-sufficient to meditate effectively at home.

TM Centres offer free follow-up services to verify the correctness of your TM  practice to ensure you’re receiving maximum benefit. These services include:

  • Personal ‘meditation checkings’ of your TM practice
  • Refresher courses

These are available to you at no cost at any TM Centre worldwide.

TM Centres also offer additional courses to enhance the benefits of Transcendental Meditation and accelerate the development of consciousness. These other courses include:

  • TM Retreats. These range from one day to several. TM Retreats offer the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate yourself whilst in the company of other like-minded people.
  • TM Group Meditations. These are held at the TM Centre, allowing you to enjoy the enriched experience of practising TM with other meditators and,  through Q&A or video, learn more about your meditation experience.
  • Advanced TM Techniques. These act as ‘fertilisers’ to your TM practice, enhancing your experience and consciousness development. Advanced TM Techniques are conducted periodically at TM Centres by specially trained TM Teachers.

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