An anxious young woman on the verge of panic attacks from the stress of balancing her life says Transcendental Meditation® (TM) gave her clarity, inner peace and happiness. 

Ashleigh Hansen, a project leader for a disability agency in Perth, has been practicing the TM technique for two months. She first heard about TM from a gentleman, who has been meditating for 40 years. “I was so amazed that someone could keep a habit up for that long,” she said.

Reflecting on her life, Ashleigh says she cannot believe how much she is accomplishing after learning Transcendental Meditation®. 

Ashleigh says Transcendental Meditation has given her happiness and peace.

“I can’t believe I’m not stressed now. I’ve got my new job. I’ve just started University. I’ve had housemates living with me since December, so much going on,” she said. 

“Normally I would have had a meltdown by now. But nothing’s phasing me. 

“I feel very clear minded and clear about what I need to do. I feel very productive. I feel like nothing’s too hard anymore. I wish I did this years ago.”

Ashleigh isn’t new to meditation. 

“Meditation is something I’ve always wanted to get into, but I was never successful with the apps and other techniques,” she said.   

Ashleigh struggled with anxiety, verging on panic attacks from the stress of balancing her workload and life in general.  

After hearing about the simple, natural, effortless technique of TM she had to give it a try. 

“The technique made so much more sense, the effortlessness of it, and that is why I wanted to learn,” she said.  

“No matter what kind of day I’m having, no matter how busy I am, once I finally sit down to do it [Transcendental Meditation], it just feels like I’m letting a lot go.” She said, adding “then you get this burst of energy. I just feel a lot more positive overall day to day.”

In the past Ashleigh “would hold on to emotions, bottle things up”, she was “very tense”. And in just two months of practicing the TM technique she is able to regulate her emotions with ease. 

Ashleigh says practicing Transcendental Meditation has given life clarity, happiness and reduced stress.

“I’m feeling huge benefits, mentally, physically and emotionally,” she said. “I feel like I’m releasing things, I’m just feeling a lot less stressed, a lot more relaxed, happy and positive.” 

Since learning TM, Ashleigh has also experienced her relationships become more harmonious and she is more “positive”.  

“Good things are happening and I see the positive in everything,” she said. “My relationships have improved and my husband has noticed that I am communicating better.” 

She says others are commenting on her “glow” and “happiness”. 

“My friends and my parents have mentioned that I am glowing and I am happy,” she said.