An experienced life coach says Transcendental Meditation® (TM) is the “secret” to success in business and personal development. 

Gorgeous Le, 52, has been a life and business coach for many years and learnt the TM technique in August of 2022. 

“I experienced the benefits within the first week of practicing TM,” Gorgeous said, adding “I got so much more than I could’ve ever imagined.”

TM is simple

“It was the simplest thing. It gave me stillness, and rest I got from TM doubled my energy levels. I was zinging.” 

As a life coach Gorgeous has completed many personal development programs. 

“I have come across a lot of learnings from many great teachers on  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne; The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel; The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Abraham Hicks/ Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks; 101 ways to Heal Yourself, by Louise Hay,” she said. 

“I have combed through these teachings and it always left me wondering what is the key to successfully mastering this art of life?

TM is the answer

“I am excited to say that Transcendental Meditation® has given the key answers to these teachings. TM gives me the stillness of mind, the gratitude, the positive affirmations, then the ability to be the creator of my life.”

Gorgeous says the TM technique allows her to tape into her “positive vibrations and attract the best in life”. 

“I am basically just bubbly. I am happy and just singing all over the place. So, while I’m happy and I’m singing about and having this explosive amount of energy, attraction and clarity of mind and focused speech, people are attracted to that. 

“And that’s because they feel comfortable, they feel safe, it’s easier for them to do business with me.” 

Gorgeous says her experience starting with TM “was just bliss”.

Swimming in the bliss

“Boy did I find myself swimming in the bliss. The first week I was addicted. I transcended with every opportunity of practicing TM, first thing when I open my eyes, in the afternoon, in the evening,” she said. 

“Not recommended to do that much, I was told later in the week at my check in. As TM is done only twice a day for 20 minutes. But it’s just so delicious

An experienced life coach says Transcendental Meditation® (TM) is the “secret” to success in business and personal development. 

“My mind found a stillness and immersing in the bliss of silence, my body found the rem sleep I’ve never ever had. One and half years into my TM practice, my sleep is deeper and deeper. My immersion into the stillness is deeper and deeper…so much more delicious.”

Gorgeous says TM has transformed all she has learnt about manifesting.

“Many teachers have said to mind your thoughts and speech, for what you think and say manifest into your life,” Gorgeous said. 

Manifesting my life

“As my mind is clearer due to TM, I begin to be a better creator because I can mind my thoughts for the things I want in my life and speak the things I want to manifest into my day. 

“All I have to do is think, ‘How delicious it would be to have a holiday and travel and meet new people and even entertain a holiday romance even…’,” she said. 

“And so it came to be India, Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur and then just back a few days and I’m off to Gold Coast and Perth and then soon New Zealand and Bali.”

Gorgeous says all her life’s learnings can be summed up in the “simple practice of TM”.

“With all of my work and learning in life coaching, I’m beginning to see all the learnings coming together in TM,” she said. 

“Everything that we do in TM, it is the essence that people don’t tell you about in the other parts of other personal development, like Joe Dispenza in his heart coherence focus. Louise Hays in her positive affirmation, Abraham Hicks in her emphasis on feelings and focusing on feelings. 

They all come together in TM in a very subtle way without putting it into positive affirmation and gratitude. One doesn’t have to write pages and pages of affirmations. Keep diaries. Just wake up, sit down and do your TM and all that you desire will be given to you.”