Learn the technique verified by hundreds of published research studies - Transcendental Meditation®(TM)

Experience your personal instruction in Darwin with Michael, who has been teaching TM for over 40 years. He offers courses either via in-person workshops, or, for those living at a distance, the at home learning option. Both involve personal instruction from Michael and the knowledge you need to meditate effectively and easily, plus ongoing free of charge follow-up.

Enjoy unique benefits immediately - more happiness, better health and less anxiety - Improvements to insomnia, hypertension, depression and peace of mind. Unlike other meditations TM is effortless and natural to practice. TM provides rest twice as deep as sleep to change you from within
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All enquiries contact Michael Dickins on 0435 620240
or Sonia Hyland on 03 62863484

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All centres offer talks either online or in person

Our free Introductory Talks are presented live by a certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation - it is a very informative session and gives you the opportunity to hear more about:

  • What benefits you can expect from the practice
  • How TM differs from other kinds of meditation
  • How TM works and why anyone can practice it
  • How TM is taught
  • The free lifetime of support available to TM meditators world-wide

You will be able to ask any questions that you may have at the Talk, or make an appointment to speak with a TM Teacher privately if preferred.

After attending an Introductory Talk you are fully prepared for learning TM if you would like to get started, but there is no obligation and all are welcome to attend , even if just out of curiosity!

Hobart TM Centre

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