The Transcendental Meditation® CoursE

The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to practice, and easy to learn. It is taught via a standardised course, designed by the founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The TM course is comprised of four sessions held on four consecutive days.

This is the only way to learn the TM technique — and by a certified TM teacher.

Four Australians discuss how their experiences of different aspects of the TM Course

Learn TM in Three Easy Steps


Information Session

This is a completely no-obligation session to provide you with the information required to learn the TM technique.

You’ll gain insights into the benefits you can experience through regular TM practice, how these benefits come about, and how TM differs from other techniques by harnessing your mind’s natural tendencies to create an effortless and enjoyable experience. Read More


Learn the TM Technique

Led by a Certified TM teacher over four consecutive days, your TM course starts with personal instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique through the classic TM instruction experience.

Following your personal instruction, you’ll join a session on each of the following three days to gain further understanding, based on your TM practice.

After about ten days a small group session with a one-on-one meeting ensures your TM practice is easy and enjoyable, and you’re gaining maximum benefit.
Read More


Follow-up Program

Free | Lifetime | Worldwide

Once you’ve learned the TM technique, you’ll have everything you need to meditate effectively.

Personal ‘meditation checking’ of your TM practice and refresher courses are available at no cost at TM Centres worldwide. Read More

TM Course Fee Structure

TM Course Fees are based on your employment or student situation.

CategoryFour Equal Monthly InstalmentsSingle Payment
Standard Adult $387.50$1,550
(Parent/s & dependent children under 18)
Adult – low income
(less than $1,000 per week)
Pensioner, Unemployed, Healthcare Card Holders$192.50$770
Full-Time Tertiary Student
(Under 25 years on Youth Allowance)
School Students
(Age 10-18)
(Under 10 years)
All fees are inclusive of GST

Interest-free payment plans over four (or two) months are available to everyone. Repayments are via direct debit using the E-way payment system.

TM Course Fees are due before receiving the personal instruction in Session One.

The TM Course Fee covers:

  • The four sessions of personal instruction and follow-up,
  • The ten-day follow-up meeting, and
  • Our lifetime support program ensures that the benefits of TM continue.
    This is available for the rest of your life at any TM Centre worldwide.

If you have any questions, or concerns regarding the TM Course Fees, please discuss them privately with the TM Teacher at your local TM Centre.