TM is uniquely effective for anxiety insomnia and heart health

TM reduces anxiety

Source: Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1989; 45:957-974

Transcendental Meditation is taught at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane and also on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Our highly trained, certified TM teachers have decades of experience and run Transcendental Meditation courses for individuals, families, children, students and business groups. We are available on weekends, weekdays and evenings. The Centre runs an extensive range of follow up programs for meditators including personal follow up, group meditations and meditation retreats to provide ongoing support and deeper knowledge and experience.

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All centres offer talks either online or in person

Our free Introductory Talks are presented live by a certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation - it is a very informative session and gives you the opportunity to hear more about:

  • What benefits you can expect from the practice
  • How TM differs from other kinds of meditation
  • How TM works and why anyone can practice it
  • How TM is taught
  • The free lifetime of support available to TM meditators world-wide

You will be able to ask any questions that you may have at the Talk, or make an appointment to speak with a TM Teacher privately if preferred.

After attending an Introductory Talk you are fully prepared for learning TM if you would like to get started, but there is no obligation and all are welcome to attend , even if just out of curiosity!

    • Wed Aug 4th 12:30 PM Introductory Talk
      Online Information Session - Brisbane Online Zoom call, access details will be sent by email
    • Wed Aug 4th 7:30 PM Introductory Talk
      Online Information Session Online Zoom Call, Access details will be sent via email
    • Mon Aug 9th 12:30 PM Introductory Talk
      Online Information Session - Brisbane Online Zoom call, access details will be sent by email
    • more talks ...

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Brisbane TM Centre

Rivercity Gardens Apartments, 45 Wharf St, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, 4169
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Wendy Rosenfeldt Call 0438 507 188
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What are the evidence based benefits of TM?

Transcendental Meditation is the only form of meditation technique shown to have long-lasting benefits for heart health, blood pressure, psychological well-being and energy levels. It can help with ADHD, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression and even personal relationships. TM is the meditation technique proven to create deep inner calm along with mental clarity during activity.

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