A quick search for meditation itself can create huge anxiety with hundreds of options available online. And every day someone is coming up with a new “technique”.

Transcendental Meditation® (TM) is the only effortless technique suitable for someone who “doesn’t know how to meditate” or has tried to practice meditation online and “failed at gaining inner peace”.

TM has been taught in Australia for the past 60 years and comes from the most ancient tradition of knowledge known to mankind. It works because it is tailored to your needs and is always taught in-person, and in a one-on-one setting.  

Transcendental Meditation — A simple, natural, effortless technique that can be practiced by anyone

The concept of calming the mind and attaining inner peace could be overwhelming to beginners trying out meditation.

Nonetheless, TM is a technique that is easy to learn, enjoyable and relaxing and can be practiced by anyone because it is taught in a one-on-one setting by highly qualified, registered TM teachers. 

the science behind tm and anxiety

TM is not something you can learn online or from a book. Its simplicity lies in the personalised sessions that ensure you get maximum out of your TM course and enjoy lifelong benefits. 

Unlike most other meditation techniques, TM offers a very simple, natural yet powerful way to reduce stress and enhance one’s personal wellbeing. The technique distinguishes itself from other meditation practices by its effortless approach. 

Benefits of Regular Transcendental Meditation Practice

Scientific research has shown that TM;

Reduces stress and anxiety

Enhances the ability to focus whilst not losing the bigger picture

Improves sleep quality

Increases self-Awareness and emotional well being

Lifetime support 

A lifetime of professional support is provided to TM students by a Certified Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, which allows you to ask questions, gain more knowledge and meditate with your TM teachers after completing your TM course. 

Only the non-for-profit TM organisation offers a lifetime of support and follow-up, which gives your peace of mind and confidence in the effectiveness of the teaching and the practice. 

TM Centres

There are TM centres located across Australia, making TM widely accessible. Each centre provides a supportive environment where individuals can learn the technique and continue to gain further knowledge through regular knowledge meetings and residence courses. 

TM practitioners also have access to the worldwide organisation and can, via the TM app, connect to thousands of like-minded people across the globe for group meditations and knowledge meetings. 

Final Thoughts on Meditation for Beginners

Learning TM is a commitment to long-term well-being rather than just short-term respite, that’s not to say that you won’t experience the benefits straight away. 

People can begin to experience the benefits, such greater calm, more energy and clarity, from the first session of the TM practice. 

Regular practice will help you achieve long-lasting benefits like improved sleep, emotional balance, lowered stress, and greater clarity of mind and focus.

The benefits of TM are cumulative, with regular practice you can experience more and more, such as more happiness, improved health, better relationships and greater success. 

Discover More at Your Local TM Centre

Weekly knowledge meetings, Advanced Techniques, residential courses and group meditation are available throughout the year. 

Find a TM teacher, near you today, https://tm.org.au/, your evolutionary journey starts within.