People’s physical and mental health is largely affected by stress. New data reveals that a large number of the world’s population experience stress and anxiety. 

Research shows Transcendental Meditation® (TM) reduces respiration rate, skin conductance and plasma lactate in the system. Low levels of these three indicators show the body is experiencing deep rest, which is unique to the TM technique.

The deep rest, gained during Transcendental Meditation, allows the body to dissolve deep rooted stress, such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and depression, from the physiology. 

According to hundreds of scientific research studies, TM lowers the four main risk factors of Cardiovascular Disease;

·      Stress levels

·      High blood pressure

·      Elevated cholesterol and

·      Insulin resistance

Transcendental Meditation Benefits all Aspects of Life

Transcendental Meditation is the one technique that benefits all aspects of life – distinct from mindfulness and focused breathing methods because the TM technique does not involve concentration or mental regulation. Instead, it enables the mind to settle naturally and effortlessly to a state of inner peace and tranquillity. 

Incorporating Transcendental Meditation into your daily routine delivers improvements in both mental clarity and overall well-being. Whether you’re seeking to manage stress, enhance focus, or improve your physical health, TM offers a powerful tool to achieve these outcomes in a simple and effortless manner. 

Learn TM with Highly Qualified Instructors

Only Certified Teachers of TM can teach the technique of Transcendental Meditation. This ensures that you are receiving the authentic knowledge as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and upholding the ancient knowledge which has been passed on from generation to generation from teacher to student in the Himalayan mountains of India. 

For more than 60 years Transcendental Meditation has been taught to more than 12 million people in the west. And it’s effective because the teachers undergo a highly developed teacher training program, which is more than a full-time master’s degree program, to become qualified in teaching the technique. 

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