We would like to invite you to join us for group meditations in the comfort of your own home in synchrony with other meditators from around Australia and the world - every day, twice a day!

It's powerful when we meditate together and establishing set times to meditate twice a day can help maintain regular practice - the key to achieving maximum results in the shortest time.


By following these instructions, you are not learning TM. But even if you haven't learnt TM yet, you are still welcome to join us and practice your own technique, or simply close your eyes and site quietly during this time.


This is a self-managed group practice. We have heard back from many meditators that their experience of meditating at home, at the same time as many hundreds of others in the same time zone, is noticeably more restful, silent and deep!


Eastern Time Zone - Victoria, NSW, ACT, Queensland

Morning: Monday - Sunday (7 days): 7:30am
Evening: Monday - Sunday (7 days): 6:00 pm

Central Time Zone - South Australia, Northern Territory

Morning: Monday - Sunday (7 days): 7:00 am
Evening: Monday - Sunday (7 days): 5:30 pm

Western Time Zone - Western Australia

Morning: Monday - Sunday (7 days : 7:30am
Evening: Monday - Sunday (7 days): 6:30 pm