Happiness Through
Transcendental Meditation

Meditate for greater happiness

Taking time out to relieve emotional and physical stress through the regular practice of the TM is a proven natural and effective approach to increasing happiness

By effortlessly transcending during TM, we experience the most settled state of awareness – a reservoir of creativity, intelligence, and happiness. The direct experience of this expansive consciousness satisfies our ceaseless quest for happiness and infuses joy into all our perceptions. 

With regular practice of the TM technique, many people find that they spontaneously find more happiness through meditation and are naturally more present and engaged.

Can meditation increase serotonin?

Studies show that TM can also help alleviate depression, which is often associated with low levels of the hormone serotonin. Daily TM practice has been found to increase the levels of serotonin, in people whose serotonin is too low.

A study led by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles showed that depressive symptoms decreased by almost 50% over a 12-month period among people practising the Transcendental Meditation technique, compared to other forms of meditation and Mindfulness.

Practitioners of the TM technique, as compared to a control group, showed highly significant increases 5-HIAA, (a serotonin metabolite), indicating an increase in rest and fulfilment. Lower levels of VMA were also found, indicating a decrease in the stress response of ‘flight of fright’.

TM Improves Emotional Stability

People learn the TM technique for many different reasons – deeper relaxation, improved memory, reduction of blood pressure – but perhaps the most widely appreciated benefit is getting along better with others. 

Even just a few days after learning the TM technique, meditators report they feel less stressed, have greater patience, and are more light-hearted, caring and compassionate.

Gain Confidence From Within

Gaining power and confidence from within is a solid foundation for self-esteem that is not based on circumstances or approval from others. And yet, changing the way we feel about ourselves through the direct experience of our inner being is also a subtle, effective way to change how others perceive us.

After a month’s practice with the TM technique, individuals developed a more strongly defined sense of self-concept compared to matched controls. They also reported that their ‘actual’ self was closer to their ‘ideal’ self.