About Us

Maharishi Foundation Australia (MFA) Ltd is governed by The Charities Act 2013 (Cth) as a registered not-for-profit organisation. Annual compliance with this Act ensures that the organisation does not operate for the profit, personal gain or other benefits of individuals associated with the organisation.

MFA’s mission is to make the TM technique available to everyone throughout Australia.

The TM course fee covers the operating costs of our national network of 40 TM Centres/locations that provide TM Courses and free lifetime follow-up support. These ongoing follow-up sessions ensure your TM practice is easy and enjoyable. Other classes, such as TM Retreats and advanced courses, are also offered.

Helping Those in Need

MFA and GMDO, in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation, help support Transcendental Meditation programs in Australia for at-risk youth, victims of domestic violence, frontline workers, the homeless and other at-risk populations. Please visit David Lynch Foundation Australia for more information.

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