A motorbike enthusiast grandfather says Transcendental Meditation® has given him a calm and peace he never expected was possible. 

Craig Bayliss is a highly-respected disability worker and has worked for more than 25 years developing the skills of people with disabilities in maintaining parks and gardens.

Craig, a long-term resident of Perth, said TM, which he learnt more than 12 months ago, has given him more mindfulness.

“TM has had a profound effect on my life, it has calmed me down, I am less reactive to situations,” Craig said. 

“I feel more in control of my emotions. I am more patient with the grandchildren and am more appreciative of life in general,” he said. 

“I am even finding I am connecting with people more.”

A big fan of surfing and motorbikes, Craig, was sceptical of meditation. However, now, after learning Transcendental Meditation, he has become an advocate for TM. 

“It is completely different to what I thought it would be,” he said. 

“I presumed that you had to empty your mind and I have a very active mind but you don’t need to empty the mind in TM.”

Craig was recommended to learn the TM technique by his sister, who told him ‘you will love it’. 

“I was quite surprised the first time I did TM. I find TM enjoyable; I feel calm,” Craig said. 

“I don’t feel tense anymore when I ride my bike, I feel so much more relaxed.” 

Craig said he experienced the benefits of TM “almost immediately” after learning the technique. 

“Almost immediately after learning TM the chronic neck pain I had been suffering with for many years had left me,” Craig said.

“I am just amazed by this unexpected relief. The enjoyment of surfing and riding my bike is so much more gratifying now.”

Craig has been practicing TM daily since taking the 4- consecutive day course in 2022.  

“I am really enjoying my TM. I look forward to doing my meditation every day,” he said.